e-Readings are sometimes offered from £25-£111, according to how busy I am. Contact me on here or via my Facebook page to discuss or make a booking.

See below for different options.

Don’t forget that the key word underpinning all of my angel work is healing. Wherever you are in life, and whichever quest you are on, to me it is all about healing either of self, life, others or Mother Earth herself. With this in mind, any reading via Angela McGerr Angelology will pinpoint your current priorities; the goal is to achieve inner peace by attaining physical and spiritual harmony.

The readings available are as follows:

Gold & Silver Guardians e-Reading

A simple, straightforward and general, yet affordable, life guidance reading with the angels can be provided by me via e-mail, using the Gold & Silver Guardian Angel cards. This is a mini-reading that works as follows: with the help of key angels I will select the three (Gold, Silver and Key to Balance) cards on your behalf.  Then I will write up the actual card messages in the short form, plus supply you with the longer channelling that comes from the Book of Angels that is included with this set.  Finally I will give you my own interpretation of this mini-reading, together with any other useful information I can provide.  The reading will be presented to you in an attractive format that you can print off and keep safe.  This can also be purchased as a present for a loved one.

Mini e-Reading from the Angel Card Trilogy

If you wish to receive guidance from the angels now, at this particular point in your life, an affordable option may be a mini-reading from any one of the three angel card sets in my Trilogy (Harmony Angel Cards, Heart & Soul Angel Cards and Love & Light Angel Cards. (Depending on what exactly you are seeking from this reading, guidance will be given as to which of the sets is most appropriate.)

A mini-reading comprises four cards, and this will give a complete picture of:

  • Where you are now in the current cycle of your life
  • What the angels consider is your healing focus
  • How the angels suggest you address this priority
  • How to move forward on the Way of Love & Light towards physical and spiritual harmony

The reading is carried out by me and written up firstly to include the general message of each card that manifests (from the books published with the card sets). Next I give my intuitive interpretation of each card (based on how the four cards work together) concerning what the angels are telling you personally; finally there is a summary of the overall message. The reading is attractively presented, and will be e-mailed to you for retaining and working with; remember that you receive both a message and the names of the angels who want to support you with your goal. Such a reading could be a present to yourself or someone you love.

Angel Card Trilogy e-Reading

I am also able to undertake a limited number of full Angel Readings via e-mail, using a specially guided and proven format from the angels that I have developed over the last couple of years. It should be appreciated that these readings, though naturally revealing guidance about your daily life, are really intended to give a clear focus on where you are with either your Heart Quest or your Soul Quest (though of course there are overlaps on these Quests). But what I mean is that in other words, there are no “tall, dark stranger” pointers here, it’s all about your journey on The Way of Love & Light!

If you decide to go for one of these, you choose which focus you want to have, and advise this when booking your Angel Reading with me.

  • Heart Quest Reading (focus on self-healing and further opening heart - Dance of Six vibration)
  • Soul Quest Reading (focus on aiding others to heal – Light Work/Dance of Five vibration)
  • Past, Present, Future Reading (focus on both Heart and Soul Quest)

Generally speaking you should receive your Angel Reading, once booked, within a week.


e-Readings with Certificated Angela McGerr Angelogy Readers

I am delighted to be able to say that I have now  issued two Angela McGerr Angelology Certificates for professional readings, utilising my best-selling angel cards.

These Certificates mean that the following two ladies can offer face to face angel guidance readings using the trilogy: Harmony, Heart & Soul and Love & Light angel card sets.

In Toronto: Madeleine Kasem
In Germany: Emmanuelle Pries

I'm no longer sending out an events newsletter, so to find early information and updates about future UK events, visit my Blog. Interested readers can subscribe or sign up to receive emails when I post. Simply fill out the form in the sidebar, or follow via Google!

Angela McGerr Angelology Approved & Affiliate Tutors

Please see Facebook for a completely up-to-date list.

Let me first of all say that I am extremely proud of my special band of Approved and Affiliate Tutors, who are now teaching my Angela McGerr Angelology Workshops in Holland, Germany, Ireland, Australia and Canada.  For I can assure you that the system by which they obtained their Approved and/or Affiliate certificates is very robust (deriving as it does from my previous corporate background - even though it does seem like a different life time - as a business trainer and examiner).  In fact, as Emmanuelle Pries, who is in Germany, said to me only the other day: “Angela there are no exams like your exams!”  I responded: “Do you mean they are hard?”  “I should say they are, and actually nobody else has exams at all”, she replied.  

But I stand by my rigour with my Tutors.  I expect a lot from them because I want them to be able to teach you as much as they possibly can about how to work and heal with angels.  I do set very high standards for myself, both for writing and for teaching, and so it’s natural to expect nothing less from my Tutors.

I tell you this so that you will know the Tutors featured in this section have all done the following to get to this point:

  • Studied extensively with me over several years
  • Devised and prepared Angelology sessions
  • Attended a Tutors’ Workshop to demonstrate their skills
  • Received tuition on giving Angelic Light Attunements
  • Passed a rigorous exam to a required standard
So with that preamble, I can now offer you the following tutors with their own website links, knowing that each and every one will teach you to a high standard.

UK: Helen Harrington

Holland: Petra de Lange
And also (near Belgium border): Raymond Schroyen

Germany, and will be also running workshops in Montreal, Canada: Emmanuelle Pries.

In Australia: June Swatman

In Toronto: Madeleine Kasem

Click their names to be taken to either sites, or, if they don't yet have a site, to email (ensuring you remove the NOSPAM part!).