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The study of Angelology begins by working with angels every day and goes on to trusting and surrendering completely to angelic guidance. Put simply, the Essenes, who first used this term, believed that wholeness was only achievable by harmonising physical and spiritual self, and that communing with angels every day (especially the Angel Ruler of that particular day) aided this harmony. As time has gone on, and I have worked through this message, translating it for the 21st Century, I came to realise that this harmony begins with chakra balancing to third eye and the opening of higher heart chakra of non-judgemental love. It continues with taking the energy balance from higher heart to crown, and back to root, and from there it focuses on regaining Oneness with All. These are three aspects of The Way of Love & Light with Angels.

How did I get started myself on this philosophy? At an early stage of my research in 1999 I was guided to read an article about Essene Angelology that described the Angel Rulers of the Weekdays, their variouis attributes, and how the Essenes communed with these angels morning and evening. It transpired that each and every angel has a specific guardianship role - in fact there is nothing in the Universe that does not have a Guardian Angel. The role of these Guardians (when we know about them and invoke them) is to aid our spiritual pathway by teaching us the true power of Love and Light.

This section of my website gives you useful extracts from my nine published books and card sets, to give you a flavour of the potential once you begin working with these amazing Light Beings. Remember they bring healing rays from the Creator; you can scroll through to see which extract(s) particularly resonate, or suit your own personal needs. To read more about my nine works see Angela's Expertise section.

If you really want to start as I did, you begin by studying the Sacred Seven Rulers of the Weekdays and what each brings to our Heart Quest for self-healing (this is outlined in my first book A Harmony of Angels, and each work after that takes you further along the Way). Memorise these Sacred Seven angels and the three key words describing their attributes. Then start calling on them, on their own special days, to address - in fact focus on - healing that particular aspect of yourself and/or your life. Later I was guided to Melchisadec himself, “Spiritual Father” to the Sacred Seven and “Spiritual Director” to mankind to fast-track Heart Quest.

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(Extract from Melchisadec e-Course Module 1)

Melchisadec is “father” of Angels of the Divine Presence and some might say the greatest of all angels. He guides these angels in the same way as great prophets have guided mankind. In Ancient Wisdom texts he is said to be to the other angels as Master Jesus is to mankind. Ruler of Seven, he offers you his Heart and Soul Quest symbols: the Rainbow (the seven primary colour rays of healing), and the Chalice containing the Key to his Seven-Turn (Cretan) Labyrinth. This is a metaphor for spiritual nourishment (manna) as it’s the path of wholeness through physical/spiritual balance and harmony.

First he helps you towards completing the physical healing of your lower self, personal heart and higher self issues (seven major chakras); next he tells you that the time has come for further spiritual awakening through the opening of higher heart flower (metaphor for the heart of his Labyrinth), for this is the route towards true wholeness and harmony of mind, body and spirit.

A message from Melchisadec about himself and his Sacred Seven Angels:

"I am Melchisadec, Prince of Peace. From the highest and most perfect vibration - the pure harmonic - of Light I descend, offering you manna for spiritual nourishment from the Chalice of Life. The Key of Sacred Seven is held within my Chalice, that is all manner of spiritual peace and wholeness. The Chalice is filled with the pure harmonic of iridescent Angelic Light that reflects all colours, all potential achievements, All That Is. To wish to absorb this Light is to seek the Rainbow pathway called the Way of Love & Light. I urge you to take this path, leading to the heart of my Labyrinth, towards finding and accepting your true self, for then you, too, will hold my Key to wholeness. Seven leads to Nine that is the beginning of Oneness with All.

How to start? I am father to the Sacred Seven Planetary Angels. Firstly I counsel you to invoke my angels and focus on your spiritual awakening and expansion. Start healing your life daily with the daily support of their unconditional love, focusing on these particular issues:

Monday: Gabriel - Hopes, dreams, aspirations, intuition, balance
Tuesday: Camael - Courage, confidence, empowerment, forgiveness
Wednesday: Michael - Strength, protection, personal/absolute Truth
Thursday: Zadkiel - Abundance, wisdom, kindness, integrity
Friday: Haniel - Love, including of self, beauty, compassion, joy
Saturday: Cassiel - Overcoming challenge, peace, harmony, serenity
Sunday: Raphael - Energy healing, knowledge, decisions, balance

Which do you need? Or do you need them all? If you have the Harmony Angel Cards, lay face down my card and the Sacred Seven, and choose one: this will be your guiding angel for the present. I have seven times seven levels you can heal through the power of six, for mine is the six-point star of Macrocosm*, whose seventh central point is the Quintessence. As you do this you will gradually expand spiritual consciousness through the five-point star of Microcosm* - man's search for Oneness. My seven rainbow colours will be involved, as you begin to find your true self. *The Dance of Six and Five: healing on six and expanding on five vibration.

Those who are further on the Way should seek the meaning of my Seven-turn Labyrinth. The Five and Six Point Stars are sacred geometry. As you rediscover that sacred geometry links all life, and absorb its mystery unto yourself, your spiritual consciousness will further expand. Then you will find that the vibration at the heart of my Labyrinth is the same as that of your own higher heart flower. Let my Sacred Seven guide you deeper along the Way of Love and Light, through Hope, Courage, Truth, Wisdom, Harmony and Healing. For the Key to peace and wholeness is to open your heart to feel unconditional love; when the flower of the higher heart opens, truly you move towards achieving Oneness with All and transition from Heart to Soul Quest."

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Working with the Angelic Vibration: the power of the Word (Logos)

Though they can appear in any form, I believe that angels are "spiritus Dei", the breath of the Creator, Essence of Love and Light. When we pronounce an angel name out loud this is a sacred sound, a pure vibration like a mini-prayer. The first connection you can make is to invoke the sacred name three times, from the heart with loving intent, as this "calls in" the angelic ray. We can learn to feel this energy on hands, within heart or crown, or simply just enfolding us and when we've learnt this we can move on to more sophisticated ways of connecting* (*taught in the e-Course Modules).

Why three times - following the Sacred Law of Three maximises the energy of our invocations? There are many examples of the power of three: Religious trinities of Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Isis, Osiris, Horus; the three Magi of the Bible. The composition of the world: animal, vegetable and mineral; of man: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, who is also mind, body, spirit; the measurement of time: past, present, and future. More importantly, perhaps, from Hermes Trismegistos/Thoth's Emerald Tablets we learn, amongst other things, that three are the Paths of the Soul: Man, Liberty, Light.

Making the Invocation from your heart

Hold out your hands, palms up and relax them. Call on your chosen Angel by name three times, and then make your request, e.g. Raphael, Raphael, Raphael, please be with me, in Love and Light, Love and Light, Love and Light (this shows positive and honest intent); always thank the Angel.

The angelic responses you may feel (involving one/more senses)

Touch: The left is the "taking hand" in Universal terms, while the right is the "giving hand" (though occasionally this may be reversed), so you may feel one or more of the following:

  • Tingling or tickling around fingers or palms, particularly in the left hand.
  • You could find yourself aware of energy flowing within the body.
  • Warmth on palms, in heart, or gently flooding your whole being.
  • Coolness on fingers, palms, wrists or along arms
  • Soft and gentle, yet strong pressure on the hands, arms or fingers

Sight: Depending on whether your eyes are open or closed:

  • A brief, bright flash of light in your mind
  • A glimpse of the angel or a symbolic creature
  • A sparkling in the air, or swirling mist, on the edge/periphery of vision
  • A subtle change in the quality of how the air looks and feels around you.

Smell: A sudden fragrance that comes and goes. You wonder if you really smelled this scent or imagined it! Then it comes again.

Sound: Tones, faint booming or drumming sounds within ear(s)

If there is any current situation for which you feel an angel could assist, you can speedily refer to this guide. This is very easy to use, so for instance if you were being guided to move house, and wanted to know which angel to consult, you look up "Moving house or country" you will see that the angel is Nadiel. The angels' names that end in "iel" or "ael" are Hebrew, and this ending means "of God". Angels are, however, included from all belief systems. I am not a Hebrew speaker, and so if anyone knows better and wants to correct me, please e-mail me through this website.

Click here to download the guide.

This cross reference of life needs and Angels, with guide to pronunciation, was extracted from the Book of Angels accompanying the cards within the Gold and Silver Guardian Angels set, and with later additions.

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Pistis Sophia, the “Heavenly and Earthly Mother” (see also: main picture, top left)
encourages you:

"As Heavenly Mother to my Zodiac Angel family as well as earthly Mother to mankind, I hold a watching brief for everything that you do. I rejoice at your achievements, and descend at troublesome times to comfort you, reminding you that whatever happens to you is in Divine Order and all things pass. I offer to aid your Heart Quest and urge you to resolve karma by self-healing, for the opening of your higher heart is the way to Oneness. With Eight of Eternity I extend to you celestial Star Fire, entwined with sacred blue Earth Flame, enfolding you with veils of pure Love and Light.

Try my joining exercise to really feel my loving energy; this supports you through life's many challenges towards finding your own true worth."

This exercise with Pistis Sophia joins you to All through her shining energy veils. It takes only a few moments and can bring powerful healing. In this you work with Pistis Sophia, the twelve golden Zodiac stars above her head, and the silver blue earth flame from the heart (Atoma) of Mother Earth. Sophia has for centuries been equated with Eve, Astarte, Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin (Goddess and Divine Mother in Buddhism - She who hearkens to the cries of the world). Also this creates Eight of Infinity in energy flow, also connected to the Eight Roads to Heaven and the Eight Spoke Wheel of the Solar Cycles, or Celtic Wheel of Fate/Buddhist of Dharma (see also Angel Almanac).

  • Sit quietly, close your eyes, hold your hands up in front of you, palms upwards, and say: Pistis Sophia, Pistis Sophia, Pistis Sophia
  • Please join my right hand* through All There Is Above with celestial Star fire to my left hand* Feel energy travel from one hand to the other
  • And my right foot* through All There Is Below with sacred and eternal Earth flame to my left foot* Feel energy travel from one foot to the other
  • Through my heart, and the heart of Mother Earth, I am so joined. Feel the energy travel in a figure of 8 centred through your higher heart.

*The general principle, in energy terms, is that the right hand/foot gives to the Universe and the left hand/foot takes from the Universe. Sometimes, particularly in left-handed folks, the flow is reversed - follow what feels right!

See e-Courses if you want to learn more about how to work with these and a host of other angels daily on The Way of Love & Light.

White feathers are not, of course, coming from the angels themselves but they are a sign from the angels that you need to focus on spiritual self, especially if you find three of them in your path (or see three floating by in quick succession). Later on, when you continue to see and find them, they will be more of a corroboration that whatever you are thinking of, or planning,or saying at the moment you see one, this is spiritually the right path or track that you are following, so keep on going!

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(Extract from my first book: A Harmony of Angels)

You may not realise the power of your mind, which is why it is so important that it is linked with love and an honest intent.

As you become practised in calling on angels, and in meditation, your ability to visualise angels and concepts will gradually grow, until you will see them clearly in your mind. Practise the following, which are very useful protective visualisations:

  • To prevent negativity reaching you or a loved one you can protect with an aura of violet, which transmutes negativity before it reaches you. Imagine a pyramid and place yourself or the other person(s) within that pyramid. Then ask Melchisadec to fill the pyramid with violet fire. Next imagine the figure leaving the pyramid but remaining outlined in violet. You can also do this with cars or other means of transportation such as aeroplanes.
  • Place yourself, or another, inside a golden egg and ask Raphael, Angel of the Sun and Healing, to ensure that this egg does not break.
  • Ask for the help of Michael, in terms of his blue cloak. Ask for the cloak to be wrapped around the loved one to protect from harm. Visualise the colour of the cloak (cobalt blue), and the hood, and then see it enveloping completely from head to foot.
  • For temporary invisibility, ask Gabriel to place a silver cloak around a person or an object, such as your house, or car. Again, imagine it completely covering you or the item in question.

From the box of Angelic Abundance.

MEDITATION: To fill your heart, and hearts of others, with Love

  • Take some deep breaths of the golden ray of Divine Love, expelling negative thoughts from your mind, until you feel filled with loving energy.
  • Ground this energy through your feet, sending love down to Mother Earth.
  • Invoke Haniel or other angels you have chosen to be with you. They bring a rose quartz crystal and invite you to step inside it - you are completely enveloped in the rose pink, pearly light of Joy that takes away sadness.
  • Feel the presence of the angels of love all around you, and imagine you can smell the scent of the roses, a perfume close to the angelic vibration.
  • The angels' wings softly enfold you, showering you with rose petals.
  • Ask the angels to help you find and keep love in your life, so that you may give it also to others, for love binds the Universe together.
  • See the rose of your heart glowing magenta pink, edged with pearly radiance. Encircle it with bright emerald light for healing and expansion.
  • Visualise loved ones in a pink bubble, with their hearts similarly energised.
  • Seal the energy in with Raphael's golden rays, feeling a sense of renewal.
  • Send Love, Light and thanks to the angels.

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(Three extracts from An Angel for Every Day)

If you want to change your life completely and need more determination and self-belief.

A message from Tabris: I beckon to you from the Door to Light, out of which my golden radiance shines. I seek to guide your footsteps, for many are the doors that open during your life, but few will be your Doors to Light.

  • Bringing choices forward: Write the name of Tabris on a post-it note, put it up where you will see it every morning. Say: Tabris Tabris Tabris I am looking for the Door to Light in my life. Please guide me towards the opportunity to find this Door which leads to a happier and more fulfilling future, in love and light, love and light, love and light. Be a little patient!
  • If you need to decide between two options. Say: Tabris, Tabris, Tabris, I now have a decision to make and I want this to be for my highest good. Please guide my steps to my personal Door to Light, in love and light, love and light, love and light.

To bolster your self-belief, ideals and principles, Arad, guardian angel of beliefs,
has this message for you:

"Do you need reassurance about what you believe yourself to be? Ask me to send my powerful silver energy to fill your soul, for this is the individual, essential core of you which makes you the person you really are and gives rise to your personality. If your self-belief is being tested, call on me to aid you. I fill your heart with the power of unconditional love to guard your very self and help maintain the purity of your principles and ideals."

To call on Arad for help: Arad, Arad, Arad, I ask for you to be with me to support my self-belief so that I can stand against those who undermine me. With your love I can be faithful to my ideals, living my life in accordance with my personal principles, in love and light, love and light, love and light.

If you want to follow your heart, Pagiel angel of the heart's desire says:

"My loving energy flows around you in a bright stream. Allow this stream to carry you forwards, at your own pace with surrender and trust, as it conveys you gradually ever nearer towards your ambition. With my aid the water of life flows into the chalice of your heart, and when the flower of your heart opens, in the centre of this flower I enable you to perceive your true heart's desire."

Invoking Pagiel: Pagiel, Pagiel, Pagiel let your energy support me and maintain my focus in life as I decide on the first steps towards my goal, of following my heart's desire, in love and light, love and light, love and light.

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(Extracts from Heart & Soul Angel Cards)

Rikbiel: Guardian Angel of the Power of Love

Rikbiel drives the Creator's horses (Divine Power and Wisdom) and Light Chariot that fashioned from Love knows no boundaries. He helps if you are feeling blocked in achieving your heart's desire. This is likely to be for one of two reasons: your desire is not for your highest good, or it may be a true desire (linked to your soul purpose), but the time is not yet right.

Rikbiel offers a link to his Love and Light energy. Focus on sending loving thoughts to your chosen heart's desire. These are far more than just thought forms - you actually create invisible energy waves that reverberate throughout the Universe. Loving thoughts vibrate a pure harmonic that reaches out towards the target's heart and actually helps your target to find a corresponding harmonic. Also, every sentient form (animal, vegetable or mineral) has a vibration that can be attuned with the heart harmonic of Mother Earth, carrying the potential inner peace of this planet. If your heart's desire is true, sending daily love can actually make it happen. If it is not right for you then unselfishly sending love to All Life gently helps to create a planetary harmonic of Divine Order that, in turn, actually encourages manifestation of something infinitely more beneficial for you.

From Heart’s Desire Suit – Essence of Love

Twin Horses: Divine Power and Wisdom

The beautiful horses of Divine Power and Wisdom (from Rikbiel's Love Chariot) glide with obedience and synchronicity on beams of light, assisting angels to carry these Divine attributes to and from Mother Earth. The pure white Horse of Power embodies the Creator's Truth; as you ride this horse on a direct route you gain true spiritual perception. You become able to transcend the daily issues, to perceive that this ultimate Truth is always before you, illuminating your path, leading you by degrees to pure consciousness. The mysterious indigo Horse of Wisdom holds ancient, arcane knowledge; riding this horse takes you on a circuitous route, offering you various choices and synchronicities to retrieve whichever secrets you need. Either/both offer perfect spiritual balance yet also enable you to remain fully grounded.

You could call upon the Divine horses in turn, starting with the one that draws you most, visualising the image in your heart. Alternatively, you can invoke Rikbiel to bring both horses to reconcile inner disharmony, imagining yourself in the Chariot of the Creator and steering it with the reins of Love. The horses assist you towards a harmonious linking of heart's desire and soul purpose - use this opportunity wisely, letting Love be your guide to Light.

From Essence of Love: Suit of Mystical Animal Devas

Mazuriel Guardian Angel of the Central Sun of all Suns

Mazuriel is a spiral of pure living light from the Sacred Heart of the Creator, embodying the essence of the Central Sun of all Central Suns. From cosmic matter, born on a pulsing stream of luminous radiance, he forms first the rosy Universal Central Suns, and then gleaming golden Solar Systems. All are born attuned to the Divine Harmonic, yet our own has lacked perfect balance since our Atlantean fall from grace.

Mazuriel radiates the pure spiritual Flame That Does Not Burn. His heart is cool for it is spirit (Water of Life) perfectly balanced within matter (Fire of Life). This is a synergy of moon (heart and balance) and sun (will and wholeness) and the symbol of a transcended mankind. You have the spiritual awareness, combined with purity of intent, to invoke Mazuriel and to help ground and manifest this sacred energy for the highest good. Unite with the Divine Harmonic saying the words "I am All That Is; I hold All That Is in my heart". Mazuriel says your important soul purpose encompasses bringing through his radiant flame to help raise the spiritual consciousness of All Life. Through this action you can actually help mankind to re-unite as One Heart, across space-time continua, aiding our planetary soul to regain Divine balance.

From Soul Purpose Suit – Essence of Light

Amethyst Throne and Angelic Light Sword: The Master Card of Transmutation & Divine Truth

The Amethyst Throne and Angelic Light Sword are key soul purpose Hallows. They exist under the Guardianship of Melchisadec and Michael. Melchisadec rules Violet (the Seventh Ray of Magic) while Michael's Light Mandate of Truth underpins planetary redemption. Amethyst-violet transmutes dark energy back into pure light and works at all consciousness levels. The first level of vibration aids physical wholeness, the second cleanses and opens your heart. The third level is purity of spiritual intent: a loving desire to use Truth to help redeem fallen aspects of Light that have affected mankind's spiritual vibration since Atlantean times.

Melchisadec invites you to sit on the Throne; amethyst rays deepen your connection from crown to the Atoma (heart) of Mother Earth, and to the 44:44 Angel Star Gate. Michael places in your hands his Angelic Light Sword - the living power of Truth and Love. Melchisadec tells you not to buy into fear matrices throughout the world - instead hold heart and soul secure in the pure, intense, spiritual and transmutation power of these Hallows, that can actually help upgrade your DNA towards the original (Adam Kadmon) template. Michael asks you to exemplify and communicate this Divine Truth to others.

From Essence of Light, Sacred Hallows Suit

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With Metatron and Shekinah, Guardians of the Eden Tree: Harmony and healing for mankind and All That Is. (From Harmony Angel Cards)

Metatron (God in Man) and Shekinah (God in Woman) are Architects of the Sacred Geometry and Guardians of the Tree of Life/Eden Tree, which in its Cabbala form has ten “roots”, each a brilliant sphere of light. This is a key symbol of universal balance and harmony through Divine connection. They vouchsafe that the secret of achieving this harmony in life is a journey on the Way of Love and Light from the lowest sphere which is man's Earthly Kingdom, to the highest sphere symbolising Crown: Link to The One, The All.

The path is not easy; you may be out of balance because you have lost your link with the One, or you may feel lonely and marooned on your Tree of Life journey, searching for earthly harmony. Metatron and Shekinah offer to help heal and liberate you in various ways. Metatron (at Crown: Spiritual aspects) re-connects you to the One, also offering you the healing power of the Star Gate and Source. Shekinah (at Roots, i.e. Earthly Kingdom) can be invoked to bless your choice of life partner, helping you find earthly harmony supported by true love. Her remit is also to aid you with self-healing, for this is the way to open higher heart and move to crown chakra, Metatron and Oneness. They remind you All is contained within the miracle of the Sacred Geometry of the One; the true path to harmony is from One back to One.

(From Love & Light Angel Cards)

Shekinah’s Suit for Heart Quest:

Shekinah – Teth glyph: Foundation (Earth), Light, Above, Below

"I, Shekinah, of Earthly Kingdom - root of the Eden Tree - create self-healing synergy for you to find harmony in life's journey. Like dawn's Light petals falling on Mother Earth my vibrant energy hues awaken your true potential, and for you I open my white-gold bridge of Love and Light from root into heart and then crown. With me breathe Teth and Earth's living emerald, full of physical and spiritual harmonic promise, to touch, fill and overflow your heart, preparing you to heal and balance in Templa Mar.

There you can choose to try all healing Colours of Creation or prioritise physical (Red), mental (Violet) or emotional (Blue) healing, and so forth. Eternal Templa Mar contains the specific crystal codes - cellular memories of Divine/Gem Self - you need to harmonise all subtle energy bodies, for these codes exist somewhere in your timeline for when you go there and make that choice. Then my etheric white gold and Metatron's spiritual white silver come to the fore in Sun and Moon Mandalas, for All is linked to our Sacred Eden Tree, the 44:44 Angel Star Gate and Circle of Life. As you move to Crown to become One with our Eden Tree, rejoining our Circle of Oneness with All, together we deepen your Divine connection."

Metatron’s Suit for Soul Quest and his Star Gate Suit:

Metatron - Cheth glyph:Tree of Life, balance, Oneness with All

"I offer you pure Angelic Light: my undefiled Metatronic Light spectrum that may be embraced in the higher heart by all whose souls have pledged to carry this vibration and work with it for All. For with enough Love in your higher heart, you fly, like Thunderbird, beyond the 44:44 Star Gate into higher dimensions and there is little you cannot accomplish. For you I fashion my Light into the letter Cheth, signifying Eden Tree and your path of Oneness - yes, even Unity Consciousness that comes when your heart and soul transforms into Gem Self.

If you are One with our Sacred Eden Tree your roots lie in Mother Earth, heart in Templa Mar and crown touches the Star Gates - wondrous portals to Angelic Light. You can start with Ruby and Emerald; from there seek other dimensional portals allowing advanced Light encodements. We shall bring you all manner of things for intuitive action within your heart. When Shekinah's unconditional, creative and regenerative Love links to my Light Geometry; this informs, inspires and raises your heart and soul to new heights of cosmic awareness. As you gain spiritual mastery strive to access Advanced Gates, your Soul Quest is linked to the critical mass of 144,000 required for your Earth's Ascension Programme."

Silver/Platinum Star Gate of Cherubim (Moons & 22:22)

Guardians: Ophaniel, Mirabiel, Unicorn (Mystical Animal Deva)

From Oneness and Eden Tree you can link directly with the Cherabim angels to true power of feminine energy (the two Earth Moons, each linked to five), and travel further via Ophaniel's interconnecting Moon Mansions' Light spirals to aid Mother Earth with Ascension. For Earth to reach Oneness, all life, including mankind, Nature's plants and animal kingdom needs to have its lost feminine balance restored. Metatron and Mirabiel create the double moon symbol of Goddess energy in silver Angelic Light within you, aiding your soul purpose: also to travel around Ophaniel's Galactic Moon spirals, pledging to bring back ultimate Moon power through heart for Mother Earth and All Life.

  • Through Oneness I breathe in and hold the sacred silver-blue-violet power of the Eyes of Heaven, and on my out-breath the Moon Mansions' silver spirals flow into my heart to anchor in third eye.
  • To aid restoration of Earth's true feminine power, Metatron gifts MIrabiel's double moon symbol in Angelic Light within heart.
  • Holding this sacred energy connection I travel on Ophaniel's Moon Mansions' spirals to access platinum Galactic Moon energy, subtly balancing my higher energy centres and filling me with ultimate soul healing radiance.
  • Through Oneness I ground and balance this energy to aid Ascension:
  • I am Moon in service of Love and Light.

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