I, Angela McGerr, extend a warm and loving welcome to all angel enthusiasts, and especially to readers of my books and users of my various angel card sets, for I am always most grateful for your support of my work. 

I discovered the angel Way of Love and Light in 1999. It all began with finding a tiny white feather: a sign to seek spiritual harmony. As you browse this website I hope to able to help you, too, find the Way. 


I spent over 30 years as a businesswoman before the angels showed me a need to bring a spiritual focus into my life. In August 1999, I was persuaded by my sister (Joanna Bristow Watkins) to follow her into learning Reiki Seichem energy healing, so that we would ultimately be able to train others in healing and various related subjects. 

On the day of the course, I found my first white feather. Within two months my management consulting business had almost disappeared, and (cash poor but time rich!) I became deeply immersed in research on the subject of angels and angelic support in daily life. In fact you might say that I was hijacked by the angelic realm for a year and fast-tracked in the history of angels (Greek: angelos - winged messenger)! I traced sacred writings on the subject through many belief systems back to the winged figures depicted in the earliest recorded civilisation (Sumeria) and even beyond, to simple winged, Lemurian (Mu) glyphs. Moving forwards again to study how to work daily with angels, I discovered that the term Angelology derives from the Essenes. Now, I describe myself as a modern mystic, tasked with disseminating ancient, angelic wisdom, combined with brand new channellings, a philosophy presented in a 21st Century format that is suitable for today's audience. 

In 2000 I was commissioned by Quadrille to write my first book A Harmony of Angels, published in October 2001. This book sold successfully and, like many the subsequent ones, has never been out of print. A year later Quadrille agreed to publish the Harmony Angel Cards - still my best-selling work. Many other titles followed. The Harmony Angel Cards became the first of a card set trilogy that continued with the Heart & Soul Angel Cards (2006), and has been completed with the Love & Light Angel Cards (2009) – the ninth work for Quadrille. The full list of internationally best-selling Angelology works, across the spectrum from beginners to angel work to advanced Lightwork with angels, may be found in the section headed Books & Cards. There are many foreign translations and almost a million books have been sold worldwide.

I believe that angels are not “fluffy” (though they can appear to us in this way). In reality they are ultra-high-vibration Light Beings whose rays we can access through heart and Love. They support us to heal ourselves (Heart Quest) and then use this knowledge to aid others (Soul Quest). If this resonates then read on - follow the white feathers to find what I and the angels hope will be illuminating to you and your Quest!


Interview with Seer Pathways 2012

I am adding this interview as it addresses many of my most frequently asked questions as well as sharing a little more information about me!

How did you first come in contact with the angelic realm?

The teacher of the Reiki workshop told us that angels are always around us but cannot interfere in our lives because we have free will and so must ask for their assistance.  But if the angels are trying to communicate, we will find a white feather on the ground in front of us.  It happened exactly that way; as I came out of the workshop venue in August 1999 (actually it was the week of the Eclipse of the Sun) I found the first of very many white feathers.  This feather led me directly to researching angels and that in turn led me to find out about Essene Angelology and the Sacred Seven Angel Rulers of the weekdays.  The rest, as they say, really is history.....  

In what way did your life change when you started working with the angels?

Having “found” a magazine article about Essene Angelology I memorised some information on the Sacred Seven, but much more importantly, I was guided to actually use it.  Each day I meditated with the Sacred Seven.  Then I invoked the appropriate angel ruler of the day to help me heal and transform a different aspect of my life.  At that time I had quite severe IBS, and had had it for years; within a few months of self-healing with angels it was gone.  But so was my management consulting business I had built it up over 8 years!  Time rich but cash poor, I found myself totally immersed in Angels, Angelology and healing.  As a direct result of my own experiences I began putting together workshops.  Then I was told in meditation to create a set of cards for angel readings; these became the Harmony Angel Cards.  But if anyone had predicted all this before 1999, I would have honestly laughed at them!

How is your life purpose tied in with the angel work you are doing?

Right back at the beginning, in December 1999, I was doing a healing on a psychic lady and I called in the angels to assist.  She saw Raphael (Patron of Healing) step forward, and also another angel whose name, she said, was Seraph...something.  It took me about five years of working with Cassiel (one of my Guardian Angels), Raphael and Melchisadec on self-healing to get to the point of learning and understanding about working with Seraphiel, Ruler of the Seraphim.  This focuses on more advanced angel work (called Angelic Light Work).  I had to begin at the beginning and build my knowledge, step by step.  What happened was that as I proceeded along the Way of Love & Light I perceived that self-healing and opening higher heart was only the first part of a two-part Quest.  That was Heart Quest; now I gradually determined that my own soul path and purpose (Soul Quest) in this life was to teach people how to travel the Way of Love & Light to spiritual fulfilment.

What is the role of a person's Guardian Angel?

Actually every single thing in the Universe (at least the known Universe at that time) has a Guardian (or Ruling) Angel that was designated in ancient wisdom.  It is these assigned Guardianships that I learnt from my research, and write about in my books and card sets.  With regard to mankind, I believe we have various Guardian Angels during our life path; we have at least five (a number linked to spiritual development).  The Primary Guardian Angel is one of the Sacred Seven: the Ruler of the day of the week on which we are born – in my case my Primary Angel is Cassiel, Ruler of Saturday, who appeared very early on in my journey, though it took me a while to realise who this angel is; I had no idea I was born on a Saturday!  

Then there is my Zodiac Ruler of Taurus – Tual who guides me to strengthen my strengths and overcome my weaknesses.  Plus it’s an Earth Sign, so Ariel, Ruler of Earth is always there to ground me, and finally Taurus is ruled by Venus, so Haniel, Ruler of Venus also guides me in heart.  The fifth Guardian Angel is unique to each of us, assigned from birth, and I believe helps co-ordinate our efforts; others do appear as necessary in stages of our life path, according to the choices we make.  There is also a Star Angel Guardian.  All Guardians – in fact all Angels - are tasked with helping us address karma, release blocks, and overcome challenges, and guiding us towards spiritual fulfilment along the Way of Love and Light.

If angels are real, are demons real too and what can you tell us about them?

All the angels I work with are pure Light Beings.  There are also beings of “dark” that you could call fallen angels or demons.  It is written in ancient texts that when this reality was created in Oneness with All it was known that mankind would “fall” into polarity.  Could mankind use free will to find the Way back to Oneness?  The Creator told His/Her angels of Creation they must choose either Light or darkness, for even this was part of the polarity experiment.  Those that chose dark became fallen, but now many are seeking Redemption and so are being healed by Light Workers and returning to Light; this is part of the Ascension Programme (see last heading on 2012).  

Why is it important for us to make a connection with our angels?

For the reasons I explain above, the angels’ task is to help us move forward spiritually.  Once we realise that what is important is not really what we see with our eyes, but with Eye of Heart (to paraphrase the Little Prince book), I believe this is the first step.  Love is the only key and angelic connection and support really aids our progress on this front, but we have to take ownership and do the actual work ourselves.  The angels cannot do this for us.

How can someone who has never experienced the angels begin to make a connection with the angelic realm?

Well right back in the beginning, in 2000, I was in this position myself!  I had been hijacked, didn’t fully appreciate where this was taking me, began putting workshops together etc.  But I am not a psychic clairvoyant, and in my daily meditations I asked: “I cannot see you, like 99% of the population, so how can I know you are with me and teach others about this?”  The angels answered: “Call us and we will come”.  They guided me on how to do this:

  • Close your eyes; you need to feel and sight is 70% of senses.
  • Invoke the ancient angel’s name (a little prayer vibration in itself) three times to follow the Sacred Law of Three, e.g. Raphael, Raphael, Raphael.
  • From heart, with honesty of will and intent, ask the angel to be with you,
  • Complete the invocation by saying In Love & Light, Love & Light, Love & Light
  • You can either experience a sudden bright Light in mind, or a fragrance will come and go, or you may feel warm, cool or tingling energy on fingers, palms or in body.
  • Always remember to thank the angels.

I began doing this and amazingly I could feel the energy a tiny little bit.  As I worked with this knowledge, and committed to it, my connection steadily built; anyone can do this.  

What can you tell us about angels and psychic protection?

There are indeed many types of psychic protection from simple to more complex but one of the key things is to be able to let go of fear.  I use and teach various advanced types of protection, but here are some simple ways:

  • Imagine Michael’s cobalt blue cloak completely covering you from head to foot.
  • Ask Raphael to help you visualise yourself inside a Golden Egg that keeps negativity out.  
  • Think of yourself (or your loved ones) going into a pyramid and then ask Melchisadec to fill this with Violet Fire of Transmutation.  See yourself come out with a Violet Aura.  

How important is it to know the names of specific angels? (Is it possible to invoke angelic help without knowing any of the names?)

You can of course invoke any angels, any time without knowing specific names or guardianships and they will always come to you.  As I said, that is their role: aiding mankind’s spiritual development.  However, I really enjoy knowing and teaching all the designated names and guardianships, as laid down in old wisdom thousands of years ago, because when I found out all this I loved the idea of communing with special angels for special issues.  My reasons are threefold: firstly, the names are sacred and hold energy as we pronounce them, secondly asking the appropriate angel gives greater focus to what we seek both for ourselves and to help others, and thirdly I sense the angels love being called by name!

What do the angels want us to know about 2012, Mayan prophecy and the New Earth Star Paradigm?

Much has been written on this, but here is guidance as given to me through my own mentor, and in channellings from Seraphiel and other Seraphim (as a group of Seraphim are amongst the Light Beings currently aiding Ascension):

  • It’s all happened before on Earth, this is the latest and most successful “experiment”;
  • I believe the Mayans “saw” what would eventually happen on Earth if we fail in this attempt, remain in Light/Dark polarity, and have to start all over again.
  • Having said that, calendars have changed over millennia and the date is not absolute, although it does provide an excellent focus!
  • Each “experiment” lasts 500,000 years and contains 20 cycles during which we (and it begins with each and every one of us) can choose from heart to move from polarity back to Oneness with All.  Love is the only Key.
  • We are entering the 20th and last cycle of the latest experiment, so now is critical! However, the New Earth Star Paradigm of Oneness is not so much an ending but also a new beginning.
  • Ascension means returning to our original pure vibration before the various “falls from grace*”.  It is a conscious decision to move back into Oneness with All.
  • Each person who chooses to move, in heart, with Love, away from polarity (half Light) back into Oneness (pure Light) can attain personal Heart Ascension.  
  • By doing so, that person greatly aids Mother Earth and All Life towards Ascension, because not just mankind but everything, including the fabric of Earth, Inner Earth and the Nature Kingdom (i.e. All Above and All Below) must be involved.  
  • Various teachers are incarnated here now to aid each individual’s Ascension.
  • It’s exponential: the sum is much, much greater than the individual parts.
*Lucifer Rebellion, Eden, Submersion of Lemuria, Fall of Atlantis

(Questions by Lisa Frideborg Lloyd)