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The journey in life that the angels call The Way of Love and Light leads to wholeness and harmony. When you have realised that Love is infinite and Light is eternal, and that everything in the Universe, including your own spirit, is woven with Love out of Light, then you have found the Way (from An Angel for Every Day)

Since 1999 I have been writing books, and producing sets of angel cards, designed to introduce the reader to the Way of Love & Light. In my first book (A Harmony of Angels) I wrote that this Way is a journey that is taken with the help of the angels and their healing vibration. It begins through connecting with the Sacred Seven’s (Angel Rulers of the Weekdays) qualities of Hope, Courage, Truth, Wisdom, Beauty, Harmony and Healing. It’s designed to lead towards physical/spiritual wholeness and inner peace.

Gradually, during the first seven years of my writing career, the angels (led first by Melchisadec and later by Seraphiel) showed me how to work with angels every day: first with the Sacred Seven Angels, next with the Rulers of the Elements, then invoking more and more of these amazing Light Beings, to gradually heal and transform self and life. My task at the beginning was to research ancient angelic wisdom (Essene Angelology); later I added modern angel channellings, but the angels’ remit was to combine the two sources in order to be able to offer Angelology in a 21st Century format. The rationale is to aid today’s readers to work with this philosophy efficiently and effectively, for I believe that, although they can appear in any way they choose, angels are, in fact, not “fluffy” but ultra high vibration healing rays.

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As you reach out now with the angels to touch the firmament of Stars you may feel that you're at the end of the Way of Love and Light, yet it's just the beginning. In the same way that As Above is So Below, everything, seen and unseen, that is Without is also found Within your own heart. All is Light. Love is the only key (Love & Light Cards)

My nine books and card sets all work fully independently, yet they are really designed as a sequence that gradually builds a kind of cosmic jigsaw of angelic wisdom for readers to absorb, and the courses fit into and fully complement this structure.

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As you weave into your life the realisation that Essence of Love is infinite and Essence of Light is eternal the Flower of Life in your heart opens, connecting you to All That Is through the crystalline ray of the Seraphim Star Angels. This ray spirals through heart and soul, creating a Rainbow Bridge of Love and Light leading you towards your own spiritual Star of Destiny (from Heart & Soul Cards)

Then, after Melchisadec’s seven Rainbow Healing years, I was ready for Seraphiel to come to the fore. This had been predicted for me in 1999 by a psychic, but I had had to commit to working with the angels every day to raise my own vibration appropriately, step by step, and it actually took me five years to even understand a little of what I needed to know about the role of the Seraphim and about Ascension. Now I had reached the point when Seraphiel was able to guide me on working with the Seraphim Diamond vibration and about how Soul Quest is linked to Ascension.

My spiritual consciousness had taken another leap; I saw that in fact this life path is a sort of Quest in two parts: Heart Quest and Soul Quest. In fact it’s all about healing; you could say Heart Quest is self-healing and Soul Quest is about healing Light Work for Ascension and beyond.

From there I could perceive that what I had actually been engaged on writing about for that first seven year phase primarily concerned Heart Quest. For this involves completing the level of self-healing needed to heal personal heart and then to open the higher heart flower of unconditional love. I was first shown this as a glorious magenta pink lily, but as one transitions to Soul Quest it starts to change to Sacred Geometry fractals (Seed/Flower of Life). This signifies healing patterns that can be sent out infinitely without ever losing their power or diminishing their energy, because Soul Quest is about using the healing knowledge gained in Heart Quest to help heal others: Mother Earth, all her sentient life, in fact All That Is.

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Five: Five is life itself, a spiral dance within DNA. It's the Five-Point Star of spiritual awareness. Always Five offers a new consciousness level, yet leading back to Six. Six: Six is balance - completion of a healing level, from which Five can spiritually lift you once again. Six is an enabler, taking you ever nearer the Mysteries: Six is The Six-Point Star that is All. (Extracts from the Blue Star Angels Mystery School)

There are many layers of healing (a six vibration –linked to Macrocosm and All That Is) and many levels of spiritual development (a five vibration – Microcosm and mankind’s spiritual search). And so each time we self-heal we reach a new six level, and can thus attain the next and higher five level. I call this The Dance of Six and Five, which continues as we travel The Way of Love & Light on each life path, until our souls are perfected with all karma addressed. At that point we have no need for further incarnation, unless we so choose to aid others. If this resonates, you can read much more about it in the various sections of this website, including how to study with me to find The Way of Love & Light.

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To travel the Way of Love & Light is to undertake a double-aspect Quest through this and other lifetimes; the dual aspects are Heart and Soul. We may be engaged on Heart Quest (self-healing and opening our higher heart) or Soul Quest (realising that the true quest is helping others to find the Way). Or we may be on both at once, as each underpins the other and has many levels. I see them also as linked to the sacred geometry of Macrocosm: All (six and hexagram – Dance of Six) and Microcosm: Man's spiritual search (five and pentagram – Dance of Five). In what may be termed an eternal dance between the two we heal on the geometry and vibration of six and then expand to the next level of spiritual consciousness on that of the five.

To me angels are essence of Love & Light. At this important point in Earth's evolution, as 2012 approaches and the pulse quickens, I feel their role is to especially support the Dance of Six and Five. For as we open our higher hearts on Heart Quest we activate and/or empower our Soul Quest, duality merges into Oneness as we join the Ascension Programme for Earth and her myriad, sentient life forms (there is much more on this in the Soul Quest section). However we can personally choose to live this reality now, working towards Oneness and then Unity Consciousness by opening crown and higher heart to Angelic Light, but this is only attained through unconditional (Angelic) Love. First we must self-heal with Seraphiel's Twelve Colours of Creation. Start with Melchisadec’s traditional rainbow colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo-purple, violet. The next two are turquoise (thymus) and magenta (higher heart flower), deeper angelic links that need to be seen and sensed through heart and crown. Then Raphael's gold and Gabriel's silver energies, which as you know from the Caduceus* bring new levels of third eye balance to each of these energy centres. *see Harmony Angel Cards, Gold & Silver Guardians – Book of Angels - and Angel Almanac)

Having balanced all these, and finally, when we truly understand unconditional (non-judgemental) Love (the Love of the Angels) and can channel this from crown to heart and root, and return, we have moved with Metatron and Shekinah into Oneness. Then we can begin to really work with Angelic Light, as we reach the point where duality no longer exists, only Unity, going through the 44:44 Angel Star Gate (called by Hermes Trismegistos "The Eye of the Needle").

Many angels aid us with this heart and soul journey. My Way began with Melchisadec and the Sacred Seven (Gabriel, Camael, Michael, Zadkiel, Haniel, Cassiel and Raphael, and this is why the e-Course Modules start this way. See Heart & Soul Quest Courses if you want to learn more about how to work with Melchisadec and his Sacred Seven (Module 1), then Seraphiel, Uriel, Ariel and Phuel (Module 2), and then in Module 3, Pistis Sophia, Hermes Trismegistos, Shekinah, Metatron and other key angels on The Way of Love & Light.

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The following contains my guidance from Seraphiel.

Introduction to Ascension

Here is my guidance post-December 2012. I believe that we each have a quest for spiritual development that we are, right now, being guided by the angels to undertake. If we do so we can create a vast reservoir of Love and Light energy within our hearts, and send it to Mother Earth's heart to help restore her fallen spiritual vibration - a return to Eden. This is symbolised by the Sacred Eden Tree - the archetype of all trees. the original sentient life form on Earth. Together with its Guardians, Eden Tree is keeper of the Angelic Light Flame that does not Burn and the Divine Blue Print (Adam Kadmon) from the time that Earth's own vibration was much higher and more spiritual. Our true origins are lost in the mists of time - were we, as some suggest, seeded by Extra-Terrestrials as a slave race, symbolised by Adam and Eve and resulting in the first Fall from Eden? We can't be sure what happened to mankind prior to 500,000 years ago. But once we existed in Unity Consciousness – Oneness - the connection from the heart through Love to All. And we also know that by mankind's own actions, most of this world operatesin Duality, polarised between peace and war, Dark and Light. masculine and feminine. Our ancient spiritual wisdom, harmony, Oneness with All, has been lost.

How has this Duality come about? We are led to believe that the first civilisation recorded by glyphs on stone, translated by Colonel J. Churchward, was Lemuria in the Pacific. Termed the Motherland, Lemuria was a place of physical and spiritual harmony with her inhabitants living and respecting the connection between Earth, Sky, and all sentient life forms. The glyphs say that she went down around 13,000 years ago through volcanic eruptions, but had established colonies and Kingdoms in India, Egypt and South America. Mayan glyphs match with Lemurian ones. Atlantis flourished simultaneously, until mankind's greed encouraged manipulation of crystal power for personal gain instead of for the good of All. Then Atlantis and mankind fell again from Grace. Each fall meant that the original pure Angelic Light vibration of Mother Earth and her sentient life forms became denser, darker and polarised, becoming an incomplete form half Light in which much of what is happening today, such as financial greed, selfishness and religious extremism, can flourish.

Ascension is the journey back to Oneness. During the past three years the angels have taught me secrets held in trust for 2,000 years, until we were ready to understand their meaning and importance. Only by coming back into Oneness, starting at a personal level, through higher heart and crown, can we begin this Ascension journey: returning to the complete or pure Angelic Light of Oneness that is still there, on the other side of the 44:44 Star Gate (itself leading to myriads of other Star Gates), awaiting our connection, accessed first through opening our higher heart flower.

Angelic Merkaba (this is Personal Heart Ascension) is a key Soul Quest step. More information is being received and in fact the spiritual jurney is being fast-tracked. The Angels revealed, in channellings, ancient secrets to aid Ascension. In October 2007 Seraphiel, Ruler of the Seraphim Creation Angels, told me:

"We, the Seraphim - Star Angels of Creation - have guarded these secrets until mankind was ready to receive them. It was not a matter of time, for All is Now and Now is All. Rather it was a question of energy. We have waited until there were those amongst you whose vibration permitted our connection, for only then could these secrets be imparted. They concern the Way through heart and soul to Ascension. Know that there are twenty cycles of existence during which mankind, Planet Earth and all her sentient life can find the Way; you are in the nineteenth cycle. If you fail then the twenty cycles must recommence, but you will not fail. For with utmost Love I, Ruler of the Seraphim, offer you my diamond spirals of living Stars, to empower your heart to Ascend, will you hold, magnify and manifest these energy fractals, so that your soul may once again radiate this Light, leading the Way to benefit All? The choice is yours.

In 2008 Seraphiel said, of Soul Quest (for Angel Almanac):

“Sacred geometry is the link between the Universes within (Microcosm) and without (Macrocosm) - a tracery of crystalline Angelic Light from my celestial spheres directly into crown and heart. If your higher heart says you are worthy of it, I can encode you with this geometry, turning your heart flower to Diamond. If you then go on to create your own Angelic Light Body (Merkaba) this is Heart Ascension and opens the Way through myriads of Star Gates. And so you will share Seraphim secrets in Unity Consciousness, as we, the Creation Angels, fill first your heart then your soul with our Diamond rays”.

The first secret is that to do this effectively you need to complete an appropriate level of your Heart Quest - to self-heal and take the key step to open the higher heart flower. There are different ways to achieve this. In my two-part book The Angel Quest of the Heart, I tell my own autobiographical story of Heart Quest. You can (although you don't have to!) undertake your own Heart Quest with Melchisadec and many other angels by following the guidance in this book, or through the e-Courses. It is also covered in my card set: Love & Light Angel Cards. To self-heal is to address the following:

  • Shekinah's Heart Quest message: “As you self heal and your vibration rises to correspond with our Sacred Eden Tree I can gradually attune you to my higher crystalline matrices. Heart Quest and opening the higher heart allow the heart flower to turn into curving fractal gem patterns of pure Love that your heart can expand and send out exponentially. This now becomes Soul Quest and through this pattern I link you with Metatron, crown and Angelic Light to further expand your cosmic consciousness, helping others to find the Way”

The second secret is to move on to Soul Quest (though both Quests have many levels on The Dance of Six and Five).

  • Metatron’s Soul Quest message: To complete Heart Quest and to start Soul Quest is to stand as One within our Sacred Eden Tree, bridging Above and Below. Your roots are linked to Mother Earth your heart is in Templa Mar, and your crown touches the 44:44 Angel Star Gate. This is the Star Gate of Heart, opening the soul's way via Heart Ascension and further Star Gates to the multidimensional angelic Heavens. Then we can truly unfold wonders for you!

The third secret is creating your Angelic Light Merkaba, i.e. Heart Ascension, and this is achieved with angels and Sacred Geometry, culminating in a step with Seraphiel and the Seraphim. You reach through the 44:44 Angel Star Gate, bring back the Diamond Ray of Angelic Light and learn how to turn the opened higher heart flower into crystalline Sacred Geometry of Light. Angelic Light changes carbon to diamond - the start of achieving our Gem or Divine Self as a focus for healing All. This begins with Flower of Life fractal and the Star Tetrahedron, and is the basic Sacred Geometry of Ascension that is taught in my course Angelic Light Merkaba for Heart Ascension. To learn and commit to this Angelic Light Merkaba is actively aiding Ascension.

But the fourth secret (and 4 is the Angelic Numerology of heart and of the angels themselves) is that this mighty step is still only the beginning. For as I teach in my Blue Star Angels Mystery School, the sacred geometry of Angelic Light (and Metatron) goes on through all Platonic Solids until we reach the 12-point star of the Seraphim Creation Angels (Platonic Solid of Spirit), whose heart is the 13th point. This is the star at the heart of the Mystic Rose (Rosa Mystica), one of the most advanced sacred geometry shapes of all (see Heart & Soul Angel Cards). Seraphiel instructed me on this Star Gate in autumn 2008 and it’s taught in Level 5 of the Mystery School. Through this amazing Sacred Geometry, and the Power and Wisdom of Love and Light we can eventually connect our hearts and souls through the Advanced Angel Star Gate to the 144,000 Light Beings (see Love & Light Angel Cards) who are the ultimate key to aid the Ascension Programme.

The new (2014) Emerald Table e-Mystery School takes the knowledge and the mysteries further to help the Angels restore The Genesis Pattern for Mother Earth and All Life. See Courses on the top left of my Blog for further updates on this post-2012 e-Course.

A host of angels gladly discloses more secrets to us, to move us along the Way of Love and Light. I will keep you posted on my blog and Facebook page so please do sign up!

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