There are lots of Angelology options. Which course may be appropriate for you? You may be drawn to a particular e-Course. If not, have you read about Heart Quest and Soul Quest to see where you are right now and where you would like to go on the angels' Way of Love & Light?

NB: for your guidance - starter mini-e-Modules are approximately 12 pages each (Angelic Merkaba mini-module is 23 pages).

Full e-Modules are approximately 50 pages each, divided into 3 parts. Angelic Merkaba is 64 pages in 4 parts.


What are Heart & Soul Quests?

A summary updated from the Angel Almanac, Part 3:

  • The Heart Quest resolves duality. It starts with self-healing in each energy centre
    (chakra), then finding masculine/feminine and physical/spiritual balance to third eye
    level preparing the way to crown. Finally, it culminates in opening the higher heart
    flower and linking this to crown and root; this leads to an inner spiritual "knowing".

  • The Soul Quest means you have reached the right level of third eye balance to now
    focus on crown. You are aware of the link from crown to the higher heart and to root
    chakra in order to be able to manifest energy from All Above to All Below. From
    here there is no more duality - only back to Oneness with All: inner peace. The role
    then is to aid others to find The Way of Love and Light.

Summaries of Angelology e-Courses that are currently available or coming soon are on Pages on my Blog.

NB: I run very few face-to-face workshops, but if any are planned they will be posted on Facebook or my blog.

All full e-Modules (and some mini-Modules) contain unique Angelic Light Attunements, given in Templa Mar "distantly" by me - actually the angels via me (or by my Tutors, as trained by me, if you are working with them). They are set up at an agreed date/time, with instructions provided for appropriately downloading them.

Internet e-Courses are open to anyone in the world and may be started at any time (you work at your own pace although there are time limits). More information on the e-Course methodology is provided below under the different course sections.

If you have read my books, been drawn to teach my work, or guided to look into this by angels, you can probably decide which e-Module or maybe Diploma option seems suitable for you by reading the contents information. My team and I can give guidance, but only you can decide what's best for you. As I have said in my books, regarding Heart and Soul Quests, and the Dance of Six (healing) and Five (expanding spiritual consciousness) there are many levels on The Dance. Each time you heal on a level of your Dance of Six, the angels offer you an opportunity to reach a new Dance of Five level. Then you need to heal that level with Six, and so the Dance continues......Try to read (and absorb) these words with the Eye of the Heart, and then your heart will guide you further.

Guidance from Angelic Numerology that you may be receiving

The full e-Modules are also designed to teach the following Angelic Numerology:

  • Working closely with specific angels every day and so deepening and expanding
    your energy connection (111 Earth – root chakra vibration in Angelic Numerology
  • Balancing, transforming, moving on in self and life (222 Moon –
    intuition, emotions, and 333 Sun – decisions and actions, vibrations)
  • Removing energy blocks, especially healing/opening heart (444 = heart/Love)
  • Growing in spiritual consciousness/awareness (Dance of Five vibration)
  • Subtly enhance self/other healing ability (Dance of Six vibration)
  • Enhancing/bestowing healing ability for self (Heart: Six) and others (Soul: Five)
  • Soul cleansing, releasing archaic vows, learning the Mysteries (777 vibration)
  • Discerning your soul purpose (888 Zodiac and 999 – beyond Ascension - vibrations)

Extract from The Angel Almanac about Angelic Numerology (more in e-Module 2)

  • Number 1: The number of energy itself, so that 11 is twice the energy. 111 is the
    Angelic Master Number. If you see 111 or further multiples on clocks, car plates, or
    in any other way, then it means the angels are helping you to energise whatever it is
    you are trying to do for self, life, or spiritually. One is The One, The Creator from
    which All That Is comes, the circle is the void that births All and Oneness is that to
    which All returns.
  • Number 2: This is the number of a potential new phase in life, while 22 signifies this
    change is important for your quest(s). 222 is the Angelic Master Number indicating
    possible spiritual transformation, but this is still a matter of your own personal choice.
    Two is Duality, The Sun and the Moon, the two aspects of mankind that must come
    into balance to find Oneness.
  • Number 3: This number indicates a decision about the potential new phase in life,
    while 33 means the decision/phase is important. Angelic Master Number 333 means
    the decision relates to your spiritual development. See also The Law of Three of
    Hermes Trismegistos.
  • Number 4: The number of the 4th (personal heart) chakra, i.e.: love and compassion,
    while with 44 the angels urge opening of higher heart. 444 is the Master Number of
    the angels themselves, signifying unconditional love. If you see 444 it corroborates
    your study of angels and angel wisdom and desire to incorporate this into your life.
    44:44 is the Angel Star Gate of Love and Light.
  • Number 5: This is the number for raising of spiritual consciousness, linked to the
    five-point star of Microcosm. 55 means you are reaching the next, higher level, while
    555 mean you have now attained a certain level of Mastery in a healing discipline or
    of Angelic Wisdom, or in an esoteric subject, greatly furthering your own Soul Quest.
  • Number 6: This is reaching a level of healing and completion, as symbolised in the
    six-pointed star of Macrocosm (All That Is - aka Star of David). 66 means a new
    level of healing has been reached. 666 is not, in my view, anything to do with the
    Beast (believed to be a Biblical mistranslation), but is an Angelic Master Number
    referring to attainment of a key level of spiritual development connected with the
    decision you took with 3, 33, or 333).
  • Number 7: An important esoteric number figuring in almost all belief systems. Also
    the number of Melchisadec (ruler of the Rainbow, the Sacred Seven and the seventh
    Violet Ray. He is the seventh central point in the six-pointed star. 777 is the Angelic
    Master Number of the Mysteries, urging you to complete Heart Quest to focus on
    Soul Quest.
  • Number 8: If you see 8 this is for Eternity, connected with Pistis Sophia, Heavenly
    and Earthly Mother. Personification of faith, wisdom and compassion she guides your
    Heart and Soul Quests and directs you also to her Zodiac Angels. 88 means overcome
    adversity with her help. Master Number 888 means you have reached a key level of
    learning Angelic Wisdom (444) and can move on in your Soul Quests.
  • Number 9 and 10: If you see 9, or 99, this indicates that what you started in 3, or 33
    is now fully complete and it is time to look for fresh guidance from the angels. 999
    is an Angelic Master Number linked to the Ascension (see also Part 3 of this book)
    and Blue Star. If this resonates you are, or will be working on Ascension! After 9, 10
    returns to Oneness and perfection, but if you've followed the Angelic Master Numbers
    and committed to their guidance of your own spiritual development (Dance of Five),
    you will now be at your next vibration level (Dance of Six). You will be ready to heal
    on that Six, and then your Dance begins all over again; for as with the eternal Spiral
    of Wisdom, the end is a new beginning.


A range of e-Modules is offered including:

  • MINI-e-Modules - short courses to introduce working with Angels every day
  • FULL e-Modules - for Heart Quest and Soul Quest
  • e-Mystery School Courses - Angels, Healing and Ancient Wisdom
  • Blue Star Angels e-Mystery School - Introduction to the Mysteries


See HERE for more information. Contact us through this website to book.


You can always visit my Blog for the contents of each course.


And the Angels ask you to remember...

The Way of Love and Light is the Way of Divine Truth. It has many Paths, some straight and some circuitous, but all lead to One; and One leads to All. This Quest is Melchisadec's Rainbow Path of the Heart, and it is found first through his Sacred Seven: Hope, Courage, Truth, Wisdom, Beauty, Harmony and Healing. Hermes Trismegistos adds three more Elements to fulfil his Law of Three: for Magic and Transformation lead to Tranquillity. Seven times three equals 21, still three, but seven plus three makes ten, the One Truth of All held in the Sacred Eight of Eternity; the Key of which resides within the Chalice of your Heart (Melchisadec: Angel Quest of the Heart)

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