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The third of the trilogy of Angel Card sets that I have been guided to write has now been published.  All three sets can be used completely separately, or together for a full and deep angelic guidance reading covering past, present, future. This final set is based around the Sacred Eden Tree of Oneness and its mighty Guardians: Shekinah (earthly self, heart, happiness) and Metatron (spiritual self and soul purpose). 

The first 24 Shekinah cards focus on Heart Quest - self-healing and achieving the first five subtle energy centre aspects of wholeness, with 12 guidance angels and 12 Angelic Colour Healing cards. The healing cards are set in Templa Mar: the timeless, etheric Temple of Healing that we can access through higher heart whenever we make the choice to do so.

The second 24 Metatron cards focus on Soul Quest, determining where you are on Soul Quest, and how to progress further towards the Angel Star Gates. When you are One with the Sacred Eden Tree your roots lie in the heart of Mother Earth and Below, with Shekinah, your heart is in Templa Mar and your crown touches the 44:44 Angel Star Gate of the Heart and Above with Metatron. Using the Metatron cards allows you (if ready) to access this and many other Star Gates, retrieving your own ancient wisdom and offering it to aid All as we move through personal towards planetary Ascension. 

The Angel Almanac is intended to be both a practical guide to working with angels, as well as a complete reference work on Heart Quest (self-healing) and Soul Quest (aiding others to heal). 

The Angel Year Book (Part 1)

This is filled with topical channellings containing advice from a host of angels, combined with Angelology instruction. This is designed to inspire you to set one or more true heart's desire or life change that you want to accomplish during the year, and actually work towards achieving it. Angels are always around us, but most of us cannot see them, as their vibration is so much higher than our own. As you deepen your angelic connection you will increasingly sense their energy in your heart, hands, and atmosphere around you. When angels leave our presence a kind of "wing print" remains, i.e. essence of Love and Light. If you act on the angels' advice your heart will be lifted, your spirit healed, by this essence. 

Part 2: Working with all your Guardian Angels

Part 2 of the Angel Almanac enables you to gain and build the necessary knowledge to be able to invite your relevant Guardian Angels - Day of birth, Zodiac, Elemental, Quinary Star Angel and personal (on the CD accompanying the book) into daily life - a truly life-transforming step.

Part 3: Angelology and Healing for Heart and Soul Quests

Part 3 of the Angel Almanac is for self-healing (Heart Quest) and helping to heal others/All (Soul Quest). This includes: Introduction to Ascension, Colours and Chakra Healing Angels, Cabbala Tree of Life Angels, Sacred Geometry of Light, Malachim Angel Alphabet, A-Z of angels and their designated guardianships.

My recent semi-autobiographical work: The Angel Quest of the Heart (a Labyrinthine Quest with Melchisadec, Hermes Trismegistos and Pistis Sophia) was published in October 2007. This is a two-book set. The first book is a narrative, an allegory based on my own self-healing journey through the 7-turn 7-colour Labyrinth, in which the angels guide her in gradually healing each chakra, and then opening her higher heart flower, which is the 8th chakra - at the heart of the labyrinth - which is also the heart of the true self.

The second book contains meditations and mandalas, one for each colour of the Labyrinth, so that readers can undertake their own personal journey either once only, or many times, as each time will heal at a new level. In keeping with my previous publications, the latest book features more beautiful artworks from Richard Rockwood. 

In 2006 I published the second set in her card trilogy: "Heart & Soul Angel Cards", which will provide angelic guidance to link the heart's desire with the soul's purpose. "The Heart & Soul Angel Cards" can be used in combination with the "Harmony Angel Cards" for a double reading to learn your next steps from the angels, or on their own to identify your true heart's desire and soul purpose and work to achieve them. The beautifully illustrated cards are divided into 4 suits of 12: Heart's Desire Angel Cards, Mystical Animals Cards, Soul Purpose Cards, and the Sacred Hallows Cards. The suits can be used for readings in various layouts either separately or together, for either a quick overview or a more in-depth look at your life or a particular situation. The accompanying book describes the overall meaning of the four suits, the inherent meanings of each and every card, as well as several different ways to lay them out with sample interpretations.

An Angel for Every Day, featuring the twelve Zodiac Angels, contains a chapter on how to work with each angel as often as you wish (once or every day of that month, or when needed). This book, published in 2005, helps you find and increase the loving support of these angels by inviting them into your life. The twelve chapters are based on the months and their Zodiac rulers together with the Elemental Angel of the sign, the ruler of the planet for the sign and other associated angels. With each chapter you strengthen your strengths and overcome your weaknesses according to the sign's characteristics. 

Each chapter includes a relevant mix of invocations, affirmations, angel messages, simple exercises, meditations and rituals, as well as suggested oils, herbs, candles and colours that can be used for added focus. Throughout the book, the reader is encouraged to rethink their views about what is possible and impossible, as the angels help you to deal more easily with the stresses and strains that we all encounter in today's world. 

This is a completely different set of cards, offering two options: a short and direct angelic message on which to ponder or act, plus a more detailed angel channelling (in the Book of Angels), on which you can meditate at your leisure.

The set contains:

  • 144 Guardian Angel Cards in three suits: 48 Gold, 48 Silver and 48 Key Cards, whose message will bring greater balance in your life.
  • The Book of Guardian Angels, featuring profiles of over 100 gold and silver guardian angels to bring guidance in life's everyday situations. In addition to the alphabetical angel listing there is a cross-index of specific needs so that, using it in a different way, you can look up your need and therefore whose help you require. The book also explains how to use the cards.

Each of us is assigned a guardian angel at birth who will remain with us throughout our lives, whose name we may or may not know. However, there are many other angels who, if invoked, can also assist and guide our daily lives. These are named angels with a special remit from the Creator, each of whom can aid us with particular life issues. The names themselves carry a sacred energy that helps to support us with unconditional love in times of need.

This unique set of book and cards has many functions. The Book of Guardian Angels provides information about 102 angels (51 Gold and 51 Silver Guardians) who can be invoked at any time to guide you, to facilitate the learning of life's lessons and to aid progress on the spiritual path. Considerable detail about each angel is given, and there is also a cross-reference guide in which you can look up your need and discover which angel can help in that area.

The accompanying three sets of Guardian Angel Cards can be used for personal life guidance at any time. A choice of one, two or three cards produces an instant message from particular angels; again, further information on each of these angels can be found in the 100 plus channellings of the Book of Angels.

This box of cards is again different to the other sets, because it takes six areas of your ife: Love, Health, Opportunities for Wealth, Self-Development, Comfort & Compassion and Spirituality. For each of these areas the set offers a complete angelic focus so that you can work with the angels to heal/re-empower this life aspect. This is an interactive kit with which you may, with angelic help, attract the relevant abundance - whether health, wealth, love or happiness - into your life. Whether you are thinking of a career, in search of marriage or at a crossroads in life, the box aims to help provide direction whether practically, emotionally or spiritually or in all of these ways..

The box contains a dowsing board with crystal from which you identify one or more cards in different areas to work with. There are 6 sets of 6 cards, each of which suggests an approach that is intended to clear blockages and allow abundance in. There are a total of 48 cards in the box. Apart from the 36 mentioned, it you are seeking total life transformation there are also twelve Alchemy Angels, from whom you can choose one who wants to aid you with this transformation. The accompanying booklet explains the entire process, which can be undertaken as often as needed, to achieve immediate aims or a complete life change. 

This Angel Card set was first published in 2002 and is as valid today as it was then. It's for those who wish to start to change their lives by working with angels every day, in other words to seek spiritual expansion through communing daily with angels (the principle of Angelology). Can be used on its own, or with the later card sets (Heart & Soul and Love & Light) for more profound and deeper guidance.

A reading with the Harmony Angel Cards will give you future direction if that is what you seek. However, more importantly, it will show you the way to heal problem areas for yourself and your loved ones, paving the way to spiritual development, so that you can make the connection from your Lower to your Higher Self by opening your heart to unconditional love. 

These cards will indicate:

  • The main angels to enrich your daily life towards wholeness
  • The angels supporting you towards self-fulfilment in life
  • Your personal angel pathway to harmony of mind, body and spirit
  • The symbols you need for healing and spiritual re-birth

There are 48 Harmony Angel Healing Cards divided into four suits of 12. Each suit comprises a special master card, plus eleven other cards. You can choose various layouts involving some or all of the different suits. Several spreads are detailed, showing one card, three and four cards, the sacred seven and finally the sacred twelve spread.

Remember that when invoked from the heart with loving intent the angels will bring their special energy to you, to help you towards physical and spiritual wholeness. This involves healing and harmonising all body energy chakras. Another way of saying this is that any healing required in your Lower (physical) Self should be addressed before moving towards healing your heart chakras, which in turn are the bridge to your Higher (spiritual) Self. This may take a little time and practice, but the more you open towards universal love and angelic energy the more you will receive. Making the Higher Self connection integrates you to the collective consciousness or the All, bringing you into a state of inner peace to which you can always return..

This is my first book, published in 2001, and it's never been out of print. It's for those new to the Angelology philosophy as interpreted for the 21st Century by me. All about how to get started with angels, in my own words, this is why I wrote this book.

"What are you seeking in life? We are all seeking something. My book 'A Harmony of Angels', is dedicated to The Seeker of the Way of Love and Light. This is the path of Hope, Courage, Truth, Wisdom, Beauty, Harmony and Healing.  Are you such a seeker - a person who is tired of the materialism and destruction in the world? Someone who would like spiritual direction but, uncomfortable with the structure of established churches, not quite sure how to find it. The good news is that by learning how to commune with Angels (God's messengers!) you will never be alone or lack spiritual guidance. Providing you are asking from your heart, you can call upon Angels any time and anywhere and receive their unconditional love!

If, as I did, you decide to invite Angels into your life, start from today and you will begin to benefit from the Way of Love and Light, encompassing the two most powerful forces in the Universe.